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The Hotel Ami

Nestled in a district that has the typically gentle feel of a village, but a village that is conveniently situated in the heart of Paris, the Hotel Ami has been welcoming travellers since 1925, when it opened here in the peaceful and relaxing setting of the 15th arrondissement.

Redesigned by the architect Gesa Hansen, who has given it a Nordic and minimalist style, this charming 3-star boutique hotel of 41 rooms offers warm and intimate spaces to enjoy at any time of the day...

From the comfortable rooms to the attentive service and cosy lounge, its unique atmosphere is intended to fulfil your desires and bestow a sense of wellbeing.

Hotel Ami - Room
Hotel Ami - Chambre
Hotel Ami - Chambre


La Petite Amie, La Bonne Amie, La Grande Amie, L'Amie de Famille… Each of the hotel's rooms is designed to offer a welcoming and soothing haven for you during your time in Paris.
Particular attention has been paid to ensuring your comfort and wellbeing. Thus, the nuanced décor and use of fine materials is complemented by the quality bedding and excellent soundproofing.

Here, in a space perfectly balanced between pleasure and elegant simplicity, our wish is to provide you with relaxation and serenity.


Romantic moments sharing cocktails, a burst of laughter at the breakfast table, children playing in the lobby, a session of work or reading in the lounge, a well-deserved break amidst the patio’s verdant surroundings… More than just a hotel, the Hotel Ami is a place to discover and savour throughout the day.

Approachable and attentive, our team will strive to ensure your happiness during your stay.

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